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eMuse.Asia x blook.my 聯合出版的免費 iBooks。 這是一個甚麼時代?當愛和容忍被暴力和挑釁籠罩,身為熱愛和平的我們會用事不關己消極和懦弱的藉口去承受嗎? 有者說

7 Days in Japan

This is a collection of surreal media images of Japan shot in 7 days. Visual artist Sam Hui used his haunting images of the island nation to remind us of what defines Japan.

Japanation101: Doing Something For Japan.

Things were happening so fast it was almost impossible to respond to the changes caused by the Sendai Earthquakes and the Tsunami. My team put together this book for sale on iTunes Store, and hopefully our dear friends at Apple…